Apartment Building Insurance

Multi-family residence owners need several different types of insurance to protect themselves, their property, and their tenants.

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Commercial Buildings

If you are the owner of an apartment building in New York City, you want to ensure that your property is protected. The right commercial apartment building insurance will protect you from claims or losses related to your commercial building ownership, including business contents, general liability, equipment breakdown, and more. Property insurance covers damage to a building and its contents from a covered event (like fire) and insures against losses related to electrical or mechanical system breakdowns, and business interruptions.

Apex Brokerage has been helping customers find the best apartment building insurance in New York for decades. We are experts in finding the perfect customized package for your income property based on your unique needs. Whether you are looking for insurance for apartment buildings in Brooklyn or any other borough, we work with the best-rated companies to ensure a competitive program to protect you from claims or losses from the ownership of building units. Our commercial insurance packages may also include student or senior housing and apartment furnished or under renovation.

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