Renters Insurance

Pick up where your landlord’s insurance leaves off.

Protect yourself and your belongings with renters insurance.


Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is often overlooked, and many renters erroneously believe that the landlord’s insurance will cover them in the event of a loss. However, if you are renting an apartment, you probably want additional coverage to protect your property in case of a loss, as landlord insurance typically covers damage to the building but will not protect your possessions. With renters insurance, lost or damaged possessions in case of fire, theft, or vandalism can be reimbursed. Renters insurance also covers tenants’ liability in the event that someone is visited on the premises. Renters insurance can also cover the cost of temporary accommodation if your rental is undergoing repairs due to fire, smoke, or water damage. 

When it comes to insurance for renters in Brooklyn or elsewhere in New York City, finding the best coverage at the most competitive rates can be an overwhelming process, particularly for renters who are getting renters insurance for the first time. At Apex, our team will work with a number of providers to find you the best, most affordable plan that suits your needs.

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