Flood Insurance

If your home is in a high risk flood zone you are required to carry flood insurance.

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Flood Insurance

For home and business owners in New York, flood insurance is more important than ever when it comes to protecting your assets from the costs associated with flood damage. Serious storms like Hurricane Sandy have devastated the tri-state area and caused billions of dollars of damage to property. However, flood damage is not covered by most homeowners and business insurance policies, meaning that those who are not insured could lose everything in a flood.

Getting the right New York flood insurance could save you in case of another super storm or natural disaster, helping you recover and rebuild and get your life and business back on track. Flood insurance in Brooklyn and the greater New York area will cover the structure and contents of your home or business in case of a flood caused by a natural disaster. For water main ruptures, pool leaks, or burst pipes, traditional home and business policies will usually provide coverage. Flood insurance, on the other hand, is specifically designed to protect your assets in case of catastrophic flooding from a natural disaster or hurricane such as Hurricane Sandy.

Apex Brokerage can help you protect your property and/or business in case of a serious weather event. Our years of experience and relationships with a variety of insurance providers allow us to find you the best flood insurance for your needs at highly competitive rates.

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