Having the right liability and property coverage is especially important for contractors in all trades.

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Contractors Insuarance

Apex Brokerage has been providing insurance for contractors in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, and the greater New York City since 1992. When it comes to contractors insurance in New York, there are certain requirements all employers must meet. As a contractor, it’s important for your business that you be properly insured in case of an accident. Most projects require proof of general and professional liability insurance. You may also need additional coverage for commercial auto or builders risk, depending on your business.

At Apex Brokerage, we work with many different carriers in order to find the best coverage at the best price, ensuring your contractors insurance is suited to your specific needs at a budget you can afford. We can help with:

  • Property Insurance, which covers your business property including buildings, tools, and office equipment
  • General Liability and Umbrella/Excess General Liability, which protect you against suits filed for injuries or property damage in addition to injuries to non-employees and damage to property you are working on
  • Builders Risk, which protects against damages from fire, vandalism, and severe weather during construction
  • Commercial Auto, which insures cars, trucks, and vans used by your business

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